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Why WastuViz only publishes short articles?

What blogs contents do we publish?: We at WastuViz rely on individual creative style. All our team members work in free spirit and observe their own creative freedom. The articles we publish are child of some of the unique and some of the strange concepts discussed amongst the team.

Ok, But why so short: Since we believe every artist has her own way, feeding them with more of our thoughts and inputs will most certainly spoil readers creativity. Our blogs can be taken as keywords, to base your further research on. But still these articles are long enough to give readers the idea of the concept inside out. Don't believe it? try yourself reading one!

Why do we write?: Artists always come face to face with creative blocks. Very often than we think. Our spins at these concepts that we publish are refreshing views towards them. These not only act as blog for readers but also as a reminder of the topics we discussed internally. A reference book we can say.

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